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New mazes chapter on/before Thursday?
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I’m really not sure just yet!

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Can we not start a rumor that Sara is pregnant?

I won’t even get into why I personally doubt she would carry the child if she and Stacy (or any potential future partner) decided to have a kid. That’s all speculation and personal opinion about someone I’ve never met.

Let’s just talk about how she does not have a flat stomach and how that’s okay.

Society puts a LOT of fucking pressure on women to be thin, but the thing is, our stomachs are designed to expand to allow not just the growth of a child, but also to allow excess fat, muscle, and food. Depending on your body shape and hip structure, your stomach will bulge in different areas for different reasons. This is true for everyone, no matter what chromosomes you carry.

Society puts even more pressure on those in the public eye to be thin.

It is rude to assume any miniscule bulge of the belly means a woman is pregnant.

This is not rude because you “are calling her fat”, because that assumes being fat is bad. Morbid obesity is very unhealthy, yes. However, everyone is healthy at different sizes. You do not know the medical history, bone structure, and DNA make-up of every person you ever meet.

If you assume someone just has a round tummy, whatever size that roundness may be, that is NOT an insult.


I don’t have anything near a flat stomach. I never did. Whether I was 180lbs or 120lbs (at the same height of 5’6), I’ve never had a flat stomach.

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m pregnant, when I’m due, how old my baby is, etc.

It is an insult that everyone assumed that the only logical reason that I did not have a flat stomach was because I was pregnant or had recently given birth. It is an insult because it says that there is something wrong with me for not having a flat stomach unless I were pregnant. It says that there is something wrong with the fact that I am more concerned with my health than my weight. It says that there is something wrong with me for not complying with society’s demands of thinness and perfection UNLESS I had the ONE excuse of being pregnant.

If and when Sara ever announces she is carrying a child, BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL GOODNESS AND HAPPINESS TO HER!

Until then, please understand that different people come in different shapes and sizes.

Please stop insinuating that any of those shapes and sizes mean anything other than “that’s that person’s shape and size”.

No. I am not overreacting, because comments like I mentioned above and mindsets that accept those comments as valid are the reasons that up to 30 MILLION people will suffer from eating disorders in the US (worldwide, it’s even more). Comments and mindsets like that are the reason over 80% of 10 year olds are “afraid of being fat”. They are why girls start to express concerns about their weight around AGE 6.

So please, until someone says they are pregnant, please assume they just have a regular, normal, common, healthy belly bulge.

And that’s okay.

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So the only good thing about being out of university for the past 3 years because I'm sick is that I get to read a lot. Like, a LOT. Recently, I have been reading a lot of Hemingway and Updike. I'm also about halfway through The Awakening by Kate Chopin, and for some weird reason I feel like Mazes fits in with those kinds of books. Maybe it's the way Sara speaks. I'm not sure...
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That is a gigantic compliment. Wow. Thank you.

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"Mazes will be pretty long. Possibly longer than I anticipated." Me: *bows head in a silent prayer of thanks to every god I've ever heard of.*
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that soundes so good. say that again but sexier
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  • Tegan: This next song is off our last record, and it's a bit of a dance number. There's no pressure though. The last few nights I've been getting the audience to participate a little bit and dance, you know, thinking it would be like good family fun. And then I saw someone write on Instagram like, "I wish Tegan would stop peer pressuring us into dancing." And so I wanna say, tonight, if I, too, were in the audience, I would probably just do this *bops a little bit*
  •  So, you do you, you be the person you wanna be. Tegan and Sara's all about encouraging people to be the people that they are. *cheering* But apparently last night I didn't say that to the audience. I was like, "Ok, only the fun people dance." And so then, I think that people felt like I thought that cause you didn't dance you're not fun, and that's not true, probably. You're probably a really spectacular -
  • Sara: Statistically, it's probably true.
  • Tegan: Well, statistically, it might be true, but I shouldn't have put that label out there. I'm deeply sorry.
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there's an fic with 114 chapters on the site. WE ARE NOW LOOKING AT YOU BETH
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Mazes will be pretty long. Possibly longer than I anticipated.

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