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Have you seen 'Birdcage' with Robin Williams?
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Hmm, possibly? Very possibly.

You released the first chapter of a new fic? Ugh! I already have so much work to do for school and all I want to do is read it.
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I did. There’s no rush! Get to when you can and I hope you enjoy!

Beth i am already in love with your new story!! i can't wait to see whats gunna happen!! :)!! thanks
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I am ecstatic and I can’t wait to share more! Thank you, friend.

I visited my cousin and everyone there asked if I'm from Oklahoma because of my cute southern accent. I'm from California. Literally two hours from my cousin's house. As it turns out, some people from California have a southern twang. I never knew that people from Oklahoma have southern accents. I can't hear it. My grandma is from Vancouver and told me I totally have a southern accent. I feel like I've been lied to for my entire life. Cue existential crisis.
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My whole family, including myself, are from the south. But me and my brother are pretty much the only people without thick, thick accents. You can only hear it when I say words like “theater”

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how can I be expected to study when you've just released the first chapter of your new fic ugh ((I'm very happy thank you))
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I hope you study hard and enjoy the story!

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"Danielle’s straight though. She has had boyfriends …" 

Happy 28th Birthday Florence Leontine Mary Welch (28/08/86)

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The Endurance of Mating Rituals by seemssosillytomenow 

Hey guys! Here’s the new story!

Chapter 1: Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase

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